lunedì 12 settembre 2011

Red flowers

Some shots of the warm Sunday yesterday. Yesterday I was given a short tour by Marc Jacobs.
Qualche scatto effettuato nella calda domenica di ieri. Mi sono concessa una tappa da Marc Jacobs in Brera

sono rimasta molto colpita da questa lampada-vestito.
I was very struck by this lamp-dressed
Bow : vintage
Shirt : Zara
Skirt : H&M
Bag : Louis Vuitton
Shoes : Bershka
Earrings : Les Nereides
Necklace : Tiffany Key
Bracelet : Alexander Mcqueen

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4 commenti:

  1. love the sunnies
    love this!
    you've got a great blog, keep it up!


  2. great sunglasses, are they the Prada ones? I've got the same pair and they are simply lovely

  3. Dear CMA thanks a lot , yes i want to grow up with this little blog =)

    Viv,the sunglasses it's Prada Baroque. and i fall in love when i see it.


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